Various Types Of High-End Cars You Should Know


As technology evolves, so does the number of super cars and hyper cars grow. What this means is the competition of the most expensive and supped up cars in the world is increasing. Start from the Lamborghini Veneno to the Maclaren p1 then go further with the Aston Martin valkyrie then you will definitely know that high-end car are flooding the market. The welcome to america tour was graced by such cars wherever they toured. Surprisingly, the list of the various types of high-end cars that one should be knowing is not easy. This is because as times and days pass, more and more manufacturers are coming up with new cars.

Various types of high-end cars you should know

Koenigsegg regera

fdgdfgdfgdgdfgdfgThis comes from the most visionary private car builder. The creation of this high-end car is deeply personal and can be described as one of the ground breaking innovations. This particular top model does not have a fixed price, as the price changes to accommodate the individual preferences of a customer. The regera has a 5.0-liter twin turbo which can pump up to 1100 horse power. It uses the latest technology that is known as the Koenigsegg direct drive system.

Ferrari laferrari aperta

This particular car has stood out among the high-end super cars ever since it was unveiled at the Geneva car show. Despite facing stiff competition from other top end cars, it has stood the test of time. When on top gear, it can do 217mph. This is the most top and fastest car that Ferrari has ever made. But with time passing by and more high-end cars being manufactured the car has witnessed a drastic deep in demand hence experiencing a slight reduction from its initial price.

Maclaren p1 gtr

Even though not in the market currently, this is one of the best cars that were ever made. Maclaren only made 35 of them. This is because it was meant for truck and racing. You may be thinking that this factors may have hindered its competition with other high-end cars, but you are mistaken. The car did gain its rightful place among the top cars.

Bugatti Chiron

gfhfghfggfhgfhThis one is among the fastest cars on the globe currently. It can be used as an example of when aerospace is mashed up with automotive. This is the type of car which can travel at a speed of 268kph. It is so in demand that it has become so expensive than the Veyron which was ones the most expensive car in the world. The car is faster, more advanced and of course more powerful than all of its predecessors.

Pagani huayra bc

This is an improvement of the Pagani huayra. This is the fastest and most expensive car that Pagani has ever made. It comes with the latest technology to have been witnessed in the motor engineering industry.

Even though the list is not exhaustive, these are some of the most expensive and high-end cars that one needs to know.