4 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Jessica Thomas

Christmas has literally just gone into the rearview mirror, and already the other special occasions are starting to emerge. The red circles on the calendar denoting Weddings, Christenings, Bar/Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, and much more are getting closer and closer. But whilst there is always a theme to gift-giving on those days, the person who is invariably the most difficult to gift is your brother.

Siblings only know the sheer frustration that goes with trying to get a present for the man who seemingly has everything. As much as we love them, brothers are always the most frustrating and difficult person in the known universe to buy for. However, the good news is that there are a few ideas to provide that ever-elusive puzzle piece of just what to get your brother for his birthday.

1. The More Traditional-Style Gift

Clothes are always a go-to option for those who are stuck on what to get any relative. But while apparel is a classic choice, there is an argument to be made that it is scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of finding the right options. So you can add a little functionality to gifting some apparel to your brother and put something extra into their gift.

NxTSTOP is now stocking a range of men’s bamboo t-shirt, and these are ideal gifts for the brother who is into everything. Breathable, durable, and made from natural fibers, these new arrivals will be sure to add a little something special to a traditional gift in clothing. The classic bamboo cotton t-shirt will offer odor control and temperature control so that they can enjoy wearing your gift during warm weather and feel cool, or wear it during cool weather to feel snug and warm.

2. Traditional With a Twist

Gifts and old-style retro puzzles share the common trait of being traditional and share the opportunity to be modernized a little bit. For the more sentimental of brothers, you can capture the moments that really matter and then add a little twist to them. Through Shutterfly, you can have your favorite photo of your siblings printed and framed, ready for them to put on to their mantle or into their favorite places within the home. Or, if you want to add a little twist to that, have it printed onto a jigsaw puzzle so that they more of a novelty gift to enjoy. Everyone loves puzzles, but this is one step extra.

3. New Experiences

Until this point, most gift ideas usually involve physical items, but one idea that your brother would definitely love would be a memory of an experience. Keep in mind that, for most, experiences are more interesting than accessories, and there are various options to choose from. Consider a day out paintballing, climbing, golfing, or any other type of sport that they may appreciate for the sport-loving siblings. For the more creative types, consider photoshoots, acting classes, or music lessons. This might go a great deal further, especially considering how cooked up indoors everyone has to be as late.

4. Culinary Delights

The final suggestion is a failsafe for anyone who is still having trouble coming up with gift ideas. For the foodie siblings, a hamper or a homemade culinary delight would always go down a storm with your brother. Consider making them a birthday cake or a lovely roast dinner that they won’t forget. There might be a level of difficulty in putting this gift together, but that will add to the appreciation you’ll get for receiving it.

No matter the giftee, there are ways to find the perfect gift.