5 Gifts Your Grad Will Be Over The Moon For

Steven Parker

With graduation season comes a host of emotions. Graduates will typically be feeling all of the joy and sadness that comes along with one chapter ending and another one opening up. With new jobs, responsibilities, and living arrangements comes a host of exciting opportunities and new responsibilities.

With all that is going on, family and friends will want to celebrate their graduate’s accomplishments with gifts that honor their experiences and accomplishments. You will want to choose something that commemorates this special time but that also lets them know how proud you are of them. All too often, however, those gifts for graduates turn into checks, cash, and gift cards. Now, chances are, no graduate will turn down cash, but thoughtful gift-givers will probably want to pick a more personal gift. We have rounded up some gift ideas that your graduate will be over the moon for.

A New Wardrobe


The jeans and a tee that they wore to those afternoon classes just won’t do the trick for that new corporate gig lined up after graduation. You can help them jump into the real world with a subscription to a sleek styling service. Search online to find the right choice for your grad. Once you purchase the gift, they will fill out a style and size questionnaire, and then they will be matched with a personal styling agent. The agent will then send them an assortment of items. Depending on what level of subscription you buy, they could receive a new outfit every month. This gift will help spruce up their look while also providing them with outfits for their new life and career.

A Classic Timepiece


It’s long been somewhat of a tradition to give a recent graduate a nice timepiece. A symbol of accomplishment, a wristwatch is also an object that commemorates the new journey they are embarking upon. Jaeger-LeCoultre is a quality watchmaker known for excellent watches. Another gift aimed at sending your grad into the world, a nice wristwatch will help them give the image of the professional that they are. Whether you’re looking to get them something straightforward and sensible to wear to their first real job or a true heirloom-quality investment they’ll own forever, a watch is a classic gift. Make sure you buy from a reputable watchmaker like Jaeger-LeCoultre so that your grad is getting the gorgeous watch they deserve.

A New Ride


One of the ultimate graduation gifts that you can give is a new car. While it is one of the more expensive gifts that you could consider, it is both impressive and practical. A car will help your graduate in their new life in the real world. A reliable car will help them get to their new job and prove to be a long-lasting gift. If you have the resources, you can certainly do some research and then go to the dealership and purchase a new car. For many, however, a quality used car might be what they are looking for. Doing a search for used cars for sale near me could produce a list of quality reliable cars that could be a perfect and practical gift for your graduate.

A New Computer


After graduation, the computer that your grad used for all that research and writing might be tired. A new computer or tablet is a graduation gift that is always a hit. Your grad might need a new tool for note-taking and productivity, an everyday laptop that will help them get work done at the office or in a coffee shop, or an advanced machine. In their new grown-up life, your graduate might need a quality computer that will help them “adult”. Either way, you should do your research to find out exactly what they will need and then buy the technology that will help launch them into their new life.

A Getaway


An exit from some of the other gifts on the list, a vacation could be the perfect gift for your grad who loves to travel. A getaway might also be a much-needed break before the rigors of life in the corporate world begin. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the U.S federal standard for full-time workers is 2,087 hours a year. For many, the time right after graduation is one of the few chances in their life when they’ll be able to travel for a few weeks uninterrupted, with friends in tow, before the life of company vacation policies and conflicting schedules get in the way. This could be the ultimate gift that offers some respite before the real world starts.

With almost four million college graduates each year, a lot of people will be choosing the perfect gift to help celebrate a graduate. Rather than gift cards or cash, consider things that will help the graduate commemorate their accomplishment but also take them into their new chapter. With a little planning and research, you can get a gift that your grad will be over the moon for.