Not Completely Satisfied With Your New Home? Here’s Some Advice

Monica Greene

Buying a new house is an important process filled with both excitement and stress. The home-buying process often takes weeks, if not months, to complete. Once you buy your home, you have to pack up and move everything you own to the new location, which is physically and mentally exhausting. Using a moving company can alleviate a lot of this initial stress. For example, Solomon & Sons are Miami movers who have spent years helping families settle into their new homes. They can get the bulk of the physical work done and alleviate some mental work.

However, even if you use a professional moving company and the move itself is a great experience, you may find you aren’t satisfied once you move in. Move day may be stressful and tiring, and then you have days, possibly weeks, of unpacking and figuring out where everything should go in your new home. However, once all of your belongings are in their place and your possessions are all set up the way you want, you still may not feel at home.

Here are a few ways to address common problems with your new home that may leave you unsatisfied.

Poor Cell Reception


Once you move into your new home, you may discover that you have poor cell reception in your house or that only certain areas of your house have cell reception, leaving you to run around your home when you’re trying to call or send a text. If that happens, you can get a cell phone signal booster to help you get better reception throughout your house. A cell phone booster is an inexpensive solution to the problem, and it can be placed anywhere throughout the house, so you can position it based on where you have the most problems. You can get excellent service without having to change cell phone carriers.

Drafty Rooms


You may be in your new home for a couple of months when the weather cools down, and you realize some of your rooms are drafty. This can make the room uncomfortable, as well as causing your heating bills to be excessive. An immediate solution to this problem is to cover the windows with plastic and get thermal curtains to stop air from permeating the room. If the air is coming in through the frame or edges of the window, you can recaulk the area to stop the flow of air. The best long-term solution is to get your windows replaced.

Inadequate storage


Storage is one of the most valuable things a home can offer but is often not the selling point. The kitchen and bathrooms are typically the most important rooms that can either make or break the sale of a house. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other features you are looking for, and storage is important for many people. When unloading your stuff, you may start to feel overwhelmed with where to put it. One solution is to rent a storage unit and have items you don’t immediately need to be moved there. You can find storage services nearly anywhere for a reasonable price. You can also rent a storage container to be placed at your property if you want the peace of mind of knowing your possessions are all there.

Even if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can turn your new house into the home you dreamed of, but it might take a little work and creativity to get exactly what you want. Trying the most straightforward solution first can save you a great deal of time and aggravation in the long run. Choosing movers and contractors with extensive experience will allow you to relax knowing that what you need to be accomplished is getting done without your close supervision.