Thoughtful Gifts for a Mom-to-Be

Stuart Henderson

We all know that becoming a mom is a life-changing experience, but what many people don’t realize is that a mom’s-to-be’s life changes the moment she realizes she is pregnant. Everything she has ever known has now changed, so what she may want for Christmas will change this year, even if she hasn’t had her bundle of joy yet.

So what do you get her? Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for any mother-to-be.

A Pregnancy Massage


Moms, even pregnant ones, focus their entire life on someone else. What could be a better gift than one where they can pamper themselves, and only themselves? A prenatal massage is a perfect option for pregnant women due to its many benefits: it eases their daily aches, pains, and swelling while giving them space to quiet their minds and promotes better sleep. Plus, a Pregnancy Massage is a gift that most moms wouldn’t usually give to themselves. Truly, there’s no better gift than massage therapy under the tree!

Baby Car Accessories

Most parents are choosing to pick from the top 10 best SUVs to accommodate their family, but why not take some burden off them by gifting the expecting mother with a few accessories the baby would need in the car? For example, try the car seat of their dreams and a mirror, so they can keep an eye on the child. By you gifting them this, they’ll be able to check one more important thing off their list.

A Pregnancy Book


We all know how exciting a baby book can be, but most pregnant women only start documenting everything once their child is born. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing, and it should be documented in its own special “book” for the mother to look back at fondly. After all, the mom has milestones she has to reach during pregnancy, so a nice hardbound book will be a great gift for not only now but in the future.

Fun Slippers

What else does she need when she’s nesting around the house other than a pair of fun and comfy slippers? Better yet, you can splurge on a brand like Ugg or Minnetonka that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. There’s no better gift than the gift of comfort, and she’ll absolutely want to pack them in her hospital gown as her due date draws near.

A Subscription to an E-book Streaming Service


It’s quite hard to read a book and rock a baby to sleep at the same time. But for most moms, they need some sort of sound to keep them sane when cooing with a fussy baby that just won’t get to sleep. A subscription to an e-book streaming service is one of the best gifts you can give, as it helps her mind stay active, and she can pick what she listens to without any fuss.

A Meal Delivery Gift Card

If she isn’t in the mood to cook now, chances are she won’t be once the baby comes. Gifting a meal delivery gift card is truly the gift that keeps on giving—the parents can order in a delicious, hot meal from a restaurant of their choice with little fuss and no dishes to do. If she’s someone who likes to cook, consider a meal subscription service like Hello Fresh where all the food is safely delivered to her home, and she doesn’t have to grocery shop and do the hassle of meal prep.

No matter what gift you choose from this list, the pregnant woman in your life is sure to feel loved this holiday season.