4 Reasons Why It’s Smart To Have Travel Insurance

Jessica Thomas

With the world gradually reopening up to travel, you might fervently be researching your next trip. Regardless of whether you are planning extravagant international travel or are hoping to hit the open road in an RV and visit some national parks, it is always a good idea to invest in travel insurance. The insurance policy you choose will vary based on where you are going and by what means you are traveling, taking into consideration factors such as potential illness or vehicular breakdown. For both practical reasons and peace of mind, it’s smart to invest in a policy that aligns with your travel plans through a reputable company. This will help you avoid unwanted and expensive out-of-pocket costs so your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Coverage protects you against potential accidents or breakdowns.

Have you been dreaming about hopping in the car and driving coast to coast, stopping at campgrounds along the way? There are few better and more scenic ways to slow travel than by going on road trips through national parks. If you’re planning to set out on a road trip across the United States, whether it be in a car or an RV, travel insurance is an essential prerequisite to protect against unforeseen breakdowns. Anything can happen while on the road, from a mechanical failure to an accident. Warranty on your vehicle will cover major repairs, a tow, and other roadside assistance. Investing in an extended warranty policy for RV repair, such as America’s RV Warranty, will give you peace of mind. With an RV warranty, you’ll be protected from unexpected repair costs for your RV, including air conditioners, engines, and water heater repairs. You’ll have access to repair facilities for your RV along the way should you need it so won’t have to worry no matter where on the road you are.

2. Coverage protects against unforeseen cancellations.


Although non-essential travel is still not recommended at the moment under CDC guidelines due to the ongoing circumstances of COVID-19, you might be planning international travel for the future. While you may want to book a flight, hotel, and other details of the trip in advance to lock in a good price, don’t forget to purchase a travel insurance plan as well. Travel regulations are continuously evolving with border closures, flight cancellations, and new policies, including quarantine. Insurance is the surest way to protect any vacation from cancellation and rebooking costs, or delays under any circumstance. Travel coverage is particularly helpful now in the age of COVID-19 when travel is more unpredictable than ever and ensures your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

3. Coverage is crucial in case of an injury or illness.

Vacations are full of fun and adventures but from time to time they come with challenges as well. Although you would never hope to get sick while traveling, you may come down with an infection or virus, which is a possibility, particularly when traveling in tropical places with insects and bacteria that your body isn’t accustomed to. If you’re planning to go on a trek in the mountains or on a motorcycle trip, travel insurance can also cover you in the event of an injury or accident. Insurance will cover costs from doctors’ visits and hospitalization to an emergency evacuation. Oftentimes, your regular health insurance won’t cover expenses incurred out of the country and you may end up paying a lot of money for health coverage abroad.

4. Coverage helps with unforeseen incidents or theft.


While traveling, you simply don’t know what may happen, and it is important to research and compare insurance plans that align with your travel needs. Accidental damage to valuable goods is a possibility and unfortunately, theft is as well. Travel insurance can cover the cost of repair or protect you in the event that your phone, camera, laptop, or other valuables are stolen. Ensure that the insurance company covers the places you are traveling to, has manageable deductibles, and chooses comprehensive coverage that insures you for all potential circumstances. When you have found the plan for yourself, sign up and set off for your trip with peace of mind!