Effective Ways to Leverage Omnichannel Contact Center Tools

Darcy Holmes

Call center technology has come a long way in the past few decades. While most people still think of a contact center as a place where your phone call to support gets outsourced to another country, in actuality, modern-day call center software is providing a wide range of tools and features that go above and beyond this outdated stereotype. In fact, modern-day call center software isn’t even solely focused on telephone calls anymore. Instead, omnichannel contact center solutions offer multiple ways for customers to get in touch with and interact with your business.

What does an omnichannel call center software platform offer businesses and consumers? Overall, omnichannel call center solutions are much more convenient for customers, since they put the consumer in the driver’s seat for how and when to reach out to the contact center. This is because, with an omnichannel customer service model, you can offer support to shoppers through a variety of communication channels, such as SMS messaging, live chat, phone, and even video. Being able to field queries from multiple communication channels ultimately improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that you’re always reachable by shoppers in the manner of communication most convenient for them. Read on for a few ways to effectively leverage omnichannel retail software and improve your customer experience while also meeting your business needs.

Omnichannel integration offers a seamless experience for live agents.


When it comes to utilizing omni channel software in your contact center, the sky’s the limit. This is because integration with your agents’ existing workflow is smooth and seamless, allowing for them to better serve your clients and shoppers in whatever way best suits the situation. For example, omnichannel contact center solutions offer integration with your existing CRM and POS system, so that you can use these functions to better understand a customer’s history with your business before they even start talking to a support agent. These sorts of analytics are helpful for learning who’s a VIP and can be a great tool for really knowing when to go the extra mile with new customers.

One other thing to note is that even though a customer may reach out via web chat, in some situations, talking to the customer in real time over the phone or with video chat and screen sharing may be preferable. With just a few clicks, you can have your agents switch from one form of communication to the next, making it easy to offer a seamless experience for your customers and offer the right help at the right time.

Omni channel integration boosts your customer satisfaction.


It can’t be overstated just how much omnichannel call center integration can be a great tool for boosting your customer service and customer satisfaction. Many customers don’t have the time to wait on the phone for an agent but do have questions or concerns that need addressing in a timely manner. By giving customers a variety of options for communicating with you, you’re less likely to have customers experience friction during an already frustrating or confusing time when they need to troubleshoot. This ultimately helps customers feel more positively about your brand, since they can get the help they need when they need it in a way that’s convenient to them.

Some omnichannel solutions even let you integrate customer support with your mobile app, so that a customer can use their mobile device to reach out for help. This can be particularly helpful if you have a product or service that isn’t always used near the internet or a house, since this means that customer support can be brought with the customer in their pocket wherever they go.