5 Reasons You Should Sign Your Kid Up for VBS

Monica Greene

If you’re looking for an activity for your kids this summer, there are plenty of reasons to consider signing them up for Vacation Bible School or VBS. Many of the churches in your area will offer VBS over the summer at a low cost, and you don’t have to be a member of the church to participate. Here are five of the best reasons to sign your children up for VBS this summer.

Each VBS is themed

VBS always has a fun theme that the kids can get involved with. They can be knights or space adventurers. Some are jungle or ocean themed. Typically, the week at VBS will revolve around this fun theme, from the decorations to the activities. The kids will get lanyards that match the theme and the snacks and crafts will connect to the topic. The music they sing to begin and end each day will also be themed. Your kids will love being a part of the fun and singing along to the catchy songs.


They’ll connect with other kids

Over the summer, it can be a challenge for your kids to connect with other kids. Your children might not have many neighbors they play with, so getting them to a VBS program and connecting with other kids will be great for them. They can meet new people and develop their abilities to communicate and connect. Social relationships are extremely important for young kids because they learn and grow through these connections. Signing your child up for VBS will give him or her the space to interact with others and continue to learn over the summer, no matter what else is going on.


You’ll get a break

If attorney Howard Fensterman is any example, everyone should be trying to get as much done in their lives as possible. He’s able to work in both philanthropy and family law with passion. You might be driven to work hard over the summer, but with your kids out of school, it can be a challenge to keep them occupied and do what you’d like to do. VBS provides your children with something fun and gives you a break from having to entertain them. During this time, you can volunteer for a local charity, bring food to someone suffering from illness, or even lead a group at VBS. These few extra hours a day could make a huge difference for you and your passions.


They’ll learn important values

While your kids are at church, they’ll learn important lessons and develop their values. The Bible stories taught at VBS will be thoroughly explained to your children and are designed to teach meaningful lessons. The adults who volunteer at the program will provide powerful examples, and your kids will learn how to interact respectfully with others. Even if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, your children will benefit from the morals being taught. They don’t have to be religious to learn values like respect, compassion, and understanding.


It’s a great introduction to camp

If you have young kids, they might be begging you to go to sleep-away camp. A camp program can be both scary and exciting for younger children, so getting them involved in VBS is a great place to start. They’ll learn how to interact with other adults and kids without you there. The program operates on a schedule similar to what they’ll do at camp, and they might be asked to try new things that are out of their comfort zones. If your kid is begging to go to camp this year but you’re worried he or she is still too young, say that VBS is a great trial and you can reevaluate sleep-away camp next year.


Bringing your child to VBS will teach him or her valuable lessons while also providing them with a fun activity. It’s the perfect thing for your kid this summer, so sign up as soon as possible.

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