9 Tips to Make Puppy Training Easier

Monica Greene

The difference between a peaceful home and a house whirling in chaos can be an obedient dog. It’s important to train your pooch from an early age if you have the option because it could save you a lot of headaches in the future. You’ll want to teach your puppy to be good with adults, children, and other dogs; as well as being respectful to your home and shared living space. Here are a few tips to make training your puppy easier.

Protect your new best friend

Puppies are very curious and can get themselves into all sorts of trouble when your back is turned. Also, depending on where you get your puppy, Spot may not actually be in the best of health, contrary to your original belief. A situation like this can end up costing you a lot of money in unexpected veterinarian bills. In order to protect your finances and your new puppy, you should consider getting pet insurance. If you’re not certain what kind of pet insurance would be the best fit for your family, you can compare pet insurance with iSelect. It’s important to compare insurance because some can cover desexing, microchipping, annual vaccinations, and dental procedures, while others don’t. You may even be able to find a home insurance policy that includes coverage for your dog. If you have a special needs pup, fuller coverage may be very appealing, whereas other pet owners might opt for less. Use iSelect, and pick the best protection for your four-legged friend.

Help your pup become a social butterfly

Socializing your dog early is such an important part of the training. If you want your dog to be friendly, you have to give them early, positive social interaction. How can your dog learn to be confident and well behaved around children or other dogs if he or she has never spent time getting comfortable around them? Set up play dates like you would for a toddler. Have your friend bring his or her dog over or have your sibling bring your niece and nephew around. Make sure when introducing children to puppies you remind them to be gentle, so the puppy associates kids with fun and not pain.

“The click” sticks

Clicker training is a great and easy way to train your puppy. Clicker training is a system of rewards that don’t ask you to punish your puppy. Essentially, your puppy has to guess which behaviors will result in a reward, and when he or she performs them correctly; you click a clicker and immediately give a treat. Your puppy will want to please you and receive a reward, therefore learning positive behavior.

Treat your pup…to something healthy

When using any kind of treat-enforced system, make sure you’re giving your puppy something nutritional. They’re still growing into an incredible dog, and need healthy food to do so. Having them fill up on treats that aren’t nutrient-dense will just teach them to not want their real food. Pick your treats wisely!

Tire them out with all-day play

If your puppy is pent up all day, they won’t want to listen. Instead, they’ll want to run amok. By taking your puppy for regular walks or allowing them to run out all of their energy in the back yard, they’re less likely to take it out on your leather couch. Wear them out and keep your furniture.

Look to the experts

Training your puppy on your own can be stressful. For individualized attention and assistance, take your puppy to a training program. Consider looking into the Canine Good Citizen, or CGC. They’ve helped over a million dogs and families since 1989. Follow their instructions, and your pup will be sure to graduate top of the class.

Introduce your pooch to a new dog friend

Puppies learn through observation, just like people. Introducing a puppy into a home with an older dog can do wonders for their behavior. The older dog can teach the puppy how to play appropriately by providing a good example and guidance.

Incorporate a bit of theatre into your behavior routine

If your puppy is biting or nipping, to deter this behavior, put on your actor hat. The next time your puppy does this; pretend like you’re very hurt. This is sure to surprise your dog, and likelihood is, he or she won’t want to hurt you again. You won’t be up for an Oscar, but your acting should fix your puppy’s habit.

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