Penis Enlargement: 3 Things You Should Know

Monica Greene

When it comes to your privates, you should always exhibit caution. When you want to alter the size of what you’re packing, you should do your research. In rare circumstances, penis enlargement can have adverse side effects like sexual dysfunction, infertility, and other complications. Many men have seen results they desire from the numerous ways they’ve discovered to bolster the size. Before you begin any new routine to alter your erections, here are three things you should know about penis enlargement.


Money plays a factor with nearly everything in life. Penis enlargement is no different. There are several ways to potentially increase your erection size that are at little to no cost to you. Two of the most common low-cost ways would be jelqing and stretching. These are hand techniques that require only a bit of lubrication to perform. The next tier would be clamps or rings. These products are designed to increase an already erect penis just before sexual activity. These can range in price from $5 to over $50. Supplements are also a cost-effective option with many supplements such as erectin being priced affordably. Take a look at this Erectin Review to get a better idea of what that supplement is like and its cost.

Some of the more expensive purchases would include pumps and surgery. Pumps can range from around $100 to over $500 while surgeries often incur out-of-pocket expenses well into the thousand-dollar range.


When it comes to your erections, you’ll want to consider how much time you want to put into making them bigger. Many of the suggested ways—jelqing, supplements, eating better—are all changes that will need to have prevalence in your daily life. The time needed to make them effective would involve life changes. Pumps and rings would also need to be used frequently to see differences, which would equate to them being daily activities.

From the small sample size of men who have had the surgery, the average procedure lasts about one to three hours. Many noted an overnight in the doctor’s office before they were allowed to go home. There would then be a recovery period of approximately six weeks. As long as there were no complications, the surgical enlargement would take a little under two months.


The last thing you should know is the amount of effort that goes into penis enlargement. With certain techniques such as jelqing or stretching, they would need to become part of your daily activities. Also, you would need to exercise careful detail to perform each motion so as not to damage your penis. Taking supplements requires more upfront effort in research, but once you’ve determined the one you like, they would be just like taking a vitamin.

Pumps and rings need the foresight and ability to use them right when the action with your partner is beginning. If you are able to think about using your ring or pump rather than sexual activity, this might be a viable option.

Surgery might take the most effort of all of them. It by far will take the most financially from you, but also the road to recovery won’t be easy. Even with no complications, surgery will require a lot of dedication. How much of you can you put into your erection and making your penis larger?

Like most changes we want to see in our bodies, it is going to require our money, time, and effort. Remember, you are fine the way you are, but if you do want to see a change in the size of your penis, consider how much of yourself you are willing to put into your enlargement process.

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