Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Pool Party

Monica Greene

As the weather gets warmer and quarantines are slowly lifted, people want to enjoy the outdoors. While it’s still unclear whether we’ll be able to hug friends this summer, why not be optimistic and start making plans? Many people have inground or above ground swimming pools in their backyards and on a scorching hot summer day, what could be better than an amazing pool party? If you’re looking to have friends over for a great party, here are few tips for planning one they’ll never forget.

Have plenty of food and drinks

No party can succeed without plenty of food and drinks. Tailor the refreshments to the type of guests you’ll have. If you’re inviting your extended family, pick up hot dogs for the grill and canned sodas. Have a few cold beers on hand for the adults. If you’re planning an adults-only gathering, stock the home bar. Create a custom mixed drink just for your pool party. Moscato strawberry lemonade is refreshing and delicious or maybe offer margaritas or sangria.

Whatever you decide to have to drink, make sure it’s very cold. Keep canned or bottled drinks in a cooler and place pitchers of mixed drinks in a tub of ice (don’t dilute your drinks by putting ice directly in them). Keep the food simple and easy to eat. You can’t go wrong with hot dogs, hamburgers, or kebabs. Avoid anything too messy, difficult to eat, or filling. You don’t want anyone swimming after they’ve eaten a plate of lasagna.

Create a CBD flower bar

Plenty of adult-only pool parties have a cocktail bar, but what about a CBD flower bar? Set one up in the pool area and your guests will be thrilled. With PlainJanes high-quality CBD flower, you can find a variety of buds, each with a unique flavor. The tropical flavors of Hawaiian Haze CBD will pair perfectly with a pineapple colada. Sour Space Candy CBD will delight any guests who love sweet and sour candy. The lemony Stress Killer CBD will help your guests feel relaxed and uplifted.

A CBD bar is a great way to help guests enjoy themselves and spend the day forgetting about their worries. CBD is perfectly legal and all-natural and won’t leave guests feeling high or loopy (unless they become extra relaxed!). A CBD flower bar is a fun way to help people have a great day and will create a party they never forget.

Don’t forget about safety

You don’t want your party to end with a trip to the hospital. Remember to prioritize safety when planning your pool party, especially when serving alcohol. Keep your guests safe by installing proper pool fencing. Get a pool fence made of the highest quality materials. You can trust it won’t wear down and if there are children at your party, you can rest assured that they won’t be able to access the pool without proper supervision.

You’ll also need a pool gate that’s self-closing and self-latching. If you have a lot of guests coming and going from the pool area, this type of pool gate will ensure that no one approaches the pool who shouldn’t be there. In the United States, one in five people who die by drowning are children, so make sure everyone at your party is safe by installing a proper pool fence and pool gate.

There are few things better than an amazing pool party. Get together your food and drinks, order CBD flowers for the CBD bar, and inspect your pool area for safety. Your friends and family will love getting out of the house and taking a dip in the pool—plus everything else you’ve prepared!

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