What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Career

Monica Greene

Regardless of whether you believe in astrology, your zodiac sign will attribute certain personality traits to you as a person. For example, Virgo personality traits include an analytical eye and attention to detail. Beyond a personal understanding of your zodiac sign, traits like these can indicate more mundane qualities, like whether or not a particular occupation might be a good fit. By using your zodiac sign and its associated personality traits to help fuel your decision, you‘ll be less likely to follow a career path that you won’t end up enjoying.



An analytical Virgo person will find that these traits can transform their career. Occupations like accounting or copyediting are especially good matches for a meticulous Virgo.



A Libra is someone sociable and diplomatic, making them an excellent candidate for equally diplomatic roles such as a mediator or judge.



As the most passionate sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are intuitive and determined. These traits will serve them especially well in the psychiatric field or in sensual roles like massage therapy.



A creative, optimistic Sagittarius is the perfect candidate for an equally creative occupation. Look for a career that’s aligned with the arts or humanities for an especially good fit.



With their ambitious discipline, Capricorn will always strive to succeed more and rise further. Capricorns are sure to thrive in leadership roles, like that of a CEO.



As the zodiac’s inventive humanitarian, an Aquarius will do best in a role where their job duties align with their strengths, such as scientific research positions.



One of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, Pisces shows remarkable compassion and selflessness. With these personality traits, the caring-centered veterinary or therapeutic fields will be ideal job opportunities for these sensitive souls.



Like their symbol of the ram, Aries is brave and ready to use their energy to headbutt any challenge. With their courage, it’s no surprise that an Aries might thrive in a military career or as a first responder.



A Taurus might be stubborn as a bull but they’re also notably patient and reliable. As a chef, these personality traits will allow them to deliver consistent quality and wait for the most time-intensive soufflé to rise. Alternatively, practical nursing career opportunities will allow a Taurus the opportunity to exercise patience and reliability while helping others through their healthcare services.



An adaptable, communicative Gemini needs a career path that allows them the flexibility and connection to utilize their strengths. They might consider becoming a teacher or tour guide, where they can be social while working through days that are never quite the same.



A shrewd and cautious Cancer will be just as careful in their chosen career. Fields such as architecture and engineering will allow the zodiac’s crab to put their wariness to good use.



Like their namesake lion and its flowing mane, the faithful, open-minded Leo is happiest in the spotlight. Take their affinity for being the center of attention literally with an acting career, or watch them use those same skills as an event planner, making sure a special day will always shine.

Whether you’re a Virgo taking a financial planning certification exam or a Taurus becoming an RN or LPN, understanding your zodiac sign can do more than tell you new things about yourself—it can have a direct impact on your material world. Rather than spending a long time in a career you don’t enjoy, consider your zodiac sign and its attributes to see what sort of career might be best for you and your skills. You might just be surprised by what you find!