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Hello...   My name is Dave Williams.  I am the owner and primary pilot for Hudson Valley Enchanted Balloon Tours Inc. This site reflects our professionalism, 'down to earth' nature,  and our love of hot air ballooning over New York. We are very reachable from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut (NY, PA, NJ & CT).  
Our family has been ballooning over beautiful Orange County New York for many years.  With great vision, my father, Fred Williams set the stage for my brother Scott and I to become hot air balloonists.  Let us, as second-generation balloonists share our experience, and an intimate and incredible hot air balloon ride with you.  Peruse our web site and get an inside look at our experience, our personal side, and possibly a glimpse of some future pilots.  Thank you. 
Describe a typical hot air balloon ride?  It can't be done with words.

People have attempted to describe in words the essense of a hot air balloon ride.  They have used expressions such as exhilarating, beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, spectacular.  The list goes on.  How can you describe the feeling of your skin against the sky, or floating silently above the treetops like a bird?
What actually happens during a hot air balloon ride is that the pilot and crew inflate the balloon. The passengers step into the gondola as the pilot brings the balloon to flight temperature.  The balloon gently lifts off of the grass, but unless you were watching the ground, you would not notice.  Often the passengers are fiddling with belongings or a camera and remark: "Oh, we are off of the ground!" 
A hot air balloon ride is not like a glider, airplane, hang-glider, or skydiving.  It is quiet and peaceful, beautiful and serene, an experience like no other.  Fly with us and experience a hot air balloon ride for yourself.  Thanks for checking out Enchanted Balloon Tours over Orange County's beautiful Hudson Valley.
Close to Manhattan, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.
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"You would not believe it but my brother and I can not stop talking about the wonderful flight. Personally, being a very picky individual I could not imagine taking a ride with any other than Enchanted Balloons."
~Henry Kok 7/13/09
We do not use an agressive sales pitch.  You will know that you want to fly with us.
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Hudson Valley Enchanted Balloon Tours Inc.
Are you considering going on a hot air balloon ride with us?  Read great ballooning adventures in: "Memoirs of an Old Fat Balloonist", a book written by Dave's father -Fred Williams.  The 'almost' complete story of 40 years of hot air ballooning, from one of the true pioneers of ballooning in the northeast.
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